Front cover of Burning Number Five: Power Plant Poems, featuring power plant boilers

Burning Number Five

Burning Number Five was one of two manuscripts selected for the 2014 Blue Horse Press Poetry Chapbook contest. Contest judge Larry D. Thomas, 2008 Texas Poet Laureate, writes:

Of the countless poetry collections I have been privileged to enjoy over the years, few indeed have been as startlingly original as Burning Number Five: Power Plant Poems….These poems … illuminate, with subtlety and consummate artistic skill, the broader concepts of human labor and the paradoxical relationship between humans and technology. Burning Number Five is a memorable, seamless merging of art and science.

What Readers are Saying about Burning Number Five

“I thoroughly enjoyed your poetry. I loved the sound of it. Tough, bare, sensitive.”

“I read your poems … and was enraptured. They are vibrant and descriptive  and so thermodynamically accurate,”

“These are among the strongest poems I have ever read”

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